Tan.Easy Pro Tools

Born from innovation, Tan.Easy Pro Tools is constantly pushing the boundaries of the professional tanning industry.




Tried, tested, and trusted by some of the industry’s most popular brands, including St.Tropez, Mine, b.tan and more, Tan.Easy Pro Tools are in a class of their own.

Tan.Easy is committed to delivering not just the most useful tools, but the best professional tanning experience in the industry. From looks to functionality, their equipment is the perfect choice for any spray tanning professional.

Always on the cutting edge, Tan.Easy is consistently developing and producing new and clever industry innovations such as the Handy.Tan – the world’s first compact & portable spray tan machine.

Whether it is big innovations such as new machines, or small innovations like the quick-connect hose system, Tan.Easy can consistently be counted on to deliver a premium experience with their premium product range.

Signature PRODUCTS

Handytan Portable Spray Tan System


Tan Lite 32000 – Black


Tan Fresh Air Portable Extraction Unit


NEW All.In.One.Booth