Driven by a rich heritage and vast experience, St.Tropez is Europe’s number one sunless tanning brand, and has been the market leader for over a decade. The ‘cult’ status worldwide is evidence by a huge celebrity following and countless awards for best sunless tanning range.



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St.Tropez; The Ultimate Tan is a perfect, bronzed look loved by sunless tanners around the world. With over fifteen years experience we have created a world-leading sunless tanning solution and with it a cult following that is second to none.

St.Tropez is driven by a rich heritage and vast expertise. We believe in providing a healthy, long lasting, sun-kissed glow. Our extensive experience and credibility means our advanced formula is designed to be hydrating and nourishing, with skin protecting ingredients, for a premium quality tan. We are constantly seeking to exceed both professional and consumer demands for unparalleled quality and gorgeous streak-free results – from the subtle balmy, tropical fragrance of our products to creating a shimmering, radiant finish.

We have built a loyal following of celebrities, professional salons and customers around the world. We have stood by the sides of some of the world’s top fashion brands and behind the looks of major celebrities at premier fashion shows and red carpet events. Our achievements as winner of numerous beauty and style awards make us a brand you can trust for a flawless, high-quality tan.

St.Tropez allows your natural beauty shine through, keeping you looking flirty, fabulous and ready to take on the world.

Signature PRODUCTS

Self Tan Luxe Dry Oil


Dark Bronzing Mist


Classic Bronzing Mist


Gradual In Shower Tan