For every picture perfect event, Mine’s range of time based 1 hour tans and specialty spray tans are designed to deliver the perfect spray tan every time. So whatever the event, skin type or gender, Mine has you covered.



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Mine cares about all aspects that makes life more beautiful. With this in mind, our passion and number one goal is to develop the perfect spray tan. We are committed to continuously create innovative spray tan solutions that are the allure of a natural golden skin tone.

All of this happens with a core set of values to make your life more beautiful without any harmful elements or chemicals. We take pride in delivering products of the highest results, purity and enriched with natural and organic ingredients.

Our range of spray tans are specifically formulated to deliver superior results, and are perceived as state of the art in the world of spray tanning:

  • A spray tan that is developed with 99% natural ingredients using Eco Cert Organic Ingredients
  • Intense, even and natural colour from your first spray
  • Exclusive 1 HT Formula & Quad Bronzing Technology for quick deeper, darker results
  • Formula that makes the skin immediately smooth, velvety and delicately soft
  • A real cosmetic treatment, increasing the skins hydration and moisture levels
  • Containing proprietary odour inhibitor eliminating that fake tan smell
  • Unique colour base, time and event based product range
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils, glycolic or sulphates

Signature PRODUCTS

MineTan Absolute Extreme Colour 1 Hour Tan 1Litre


MineTan Coconut 1Litre


MineTan Be Brazilian Onyx Foam 200ml


MineTan Bronze Babe Personal Spray Tan Kit